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Plus size womens clothing

You really have to dig deep and search for plus-size clothing for real women. Nowadays it’s more important than ever for women to be themselves, whatever their form, shape, size or appearance. Slowly there are even more fashion houses than before realising that there is a strong need for a plus size women’s clothing market everywhere.   


Plus size clothing marke 

The plus-size clothing market could do a lot more for plus-size women. Firstly, they could make it easier for people by having more plus-size options such as plus size jeans, plus size dresses, plus size tops, plus size coats when they are shopping for plus clothes. Plus size clothing does not have to be leggings and a baggy jumper. We need to see more plus-size fashion out there!

Many people think that the plus-size clothing market is size 14-18, which in my mind is not plus-size at all. Real women who buy plus-size clothing in my opinion are from a size 22-30. They seek style, comfort, and quality material like everyone else. Equally, they deserve this too. 


Curvy Fashion

Why is it that because you are a plus-size woman, you have to wear boring and shapeless plus-size clothing? Well not anymore!  We put a lot of time and research into sourcing funky, fun, and well-fitting plus-size clothing for curvy ladies of a certain size! Our curvy fashion items suit all plus-size shapes and we use real plus-size models to illustrate this.  


So strap in ladies and have a look at what treats are in store for you in Sassy and Classy Plus, plus size clothing boutique. 

Look no further than Sassy and Classy Plus, your go-to for plus-size clothing in Ireland.



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