Welcome to Sassy and Classy Plus!

All About Sassy!

In October 2020, Sassy and Classy Plus opened it doors for the first time.  We specialise in sizes 16-28.

I just love fashion but there is very little out there, for individuals of a certain size, that is good quality and affordable.  So, having done a lot of research, I found some fantastic brands that will not break the bank!

I wanted my customers to feel relaxed and at ease when shopping, so I decided to open as an appointment only boutique. I wanted to remove any anxiety and make shopping fun again! 

Have a look through the website to get a feel for what we have to offer.




Why I set up Sassy and Classy Plus

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then Sassy and Classy Plus is for you….


Do you ever feel any of these emotions when entering a boutique:

  Afraid   Anxious   Angry   Cramped   Ignored   Lonely   Lost   Over-heated  Overwhelmed   Stressed


Do you want to feel any of these emotions when leaving Sassy and Classy Plus:

  Amazing   Beautiful   Confident  Content    Enjoyment   Fabulous  Happy  Important            Listened to  Pride   Relaxed   Respected   Safe   Satisfied   Valued   VIP   Welcome 



Why choose an appointment only boutique?

I know what it is like to go somewhere, and there is nobody to get advice from regarding an outfit.  It can be very frustraging, you leave the shop with nothing and even more frustrated! 

I want my customers to discover or re-discover their passion for fashion. I want them to feel completly at ease, and take away the fear that shopping has for some people, and start to make it fun again.    I want to enhance and enrich their eperiences going forward. 

I realise that people have busy lives now, so now customers can shop at a time that suits them, 100% focus will be on them.  I can offer real advice and help them choose an outfit for whatever occasion.

So why not book your appointment today at a day and time that suits you.  Just click the link below.





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